Italian DPA fined Eni Gas e Luce

22. January 2020

The Italian Data Protection Authority ‘Garante‘ fined the gas and electric company ‘Eni Gas es Luce – EGL’ for two violations of the GDPR.

Reason for the overall fine of  €11,5 million is unsolicited telemarketing (€8,5 million) and activation of unsolicited contracts (€3 million).

The santions were determined taking into account the parameters indicated in the GDPR, which include the wide range of subjects involved (about 7200 customers), the pervasiveness of the conduct, the duration of the violation, the economic conditions of EGL.

Besides the fine, the Garante has ordered EGL to adopt corrective measures in order to process personal data in compliance with the GDPR and prohibited the processing of personal data of EGL’s telemarketing list without explicit consent.

The implementations will have to be introduced and communicated to Garante within established timescales, while the payment of sanctions will have to be made within thirty days.

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